DC General Construction, Inc. is committed to establishing and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all project personnel, its customers and members of the public affected by our construction projects.All project contractors shall comply with all applicable Federal, State and Local regulations, the requirements and procedures contained in the DC General Project Safety Program. Employees must be responsible for their own safety and health. DC General expects each employee to take an active interest in the safety and health of their co-workers and in the health of the environment as it relates to their work for DC General. The active participation by each employee in the general safety of conditions in the workplace and the personal use of established safe working practices is a condition of employment with DC General. Management and senior supervision are responsible and accountable for the safe, proper performance of work under their jurisdiction. They shall have the overall duty to administer and enforce the provisions of the DC General Project Safety Program.All applicable management and supervisory personnel will have available to them a copy of the DC General Project Safety Program. They are required to be thoroughly familiar with those portions that are pertinent to their operations and to follow the policies and procedures contained therein. Additions, revisions, and updates will be issued periodically by the DC General Safety Director. Changes to and/or deviations from the DC General Project Safety Program are not permitted except as authorized by the DC General Safety Director. The DC General Safety Director will assist responsible individuals with their duty to train and disseminate safe work practices to workers and provide technical assistance. Subcontractors shall have and implement a written Safety Program for this Project that meets or exceeds the provisions contained in the DC General Project Safety Program in addition to complying with all Federal, State and Local codes, laws, regulations, and contracts. Subcontractors must also address the project specific aspects of their contract as they relate to safety, health, and the environment.

DC General Construction

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